Frequently Asked Questions

BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast

Is your service safe?
None of our products contain acidic or caustic elements. There are no harsh vapors or smells and we only use products that are people, pet and planet friendly. So you can breathe Easy!

Where do Easy Clean Ovens + BBQs operate?
We operate on the Gold Coast in south east Queensland. We travel from the border at Tweed Heads to north at Logan.

Can Easy Clean Ovens + BBQs clean 'Self Cleaning' Ovens?
Easy Clean Ovens + BBQs are able to tackle the most stubborn ovens whether they are regular or self cleaning... Many ovens are not capable of reaching the 'high temperatures' required to self clean. If they were really self cleaning would you need to be looking us up? ;) Give us a call... We can get it clean...

Do you have insurance?
We carry a comprehensive Public Liability insurance valued at $10,000,000. We also have Police Check Certificates for your peace of mind.

Can I buy your products?
Not really... Easy Clean Ovens + BBQs is a service, not a product. We provide over 5 years industry experience to get your BBQs and Ovens looking refreshed and ready for use. Some bbq and oven cleaning businesses may claim to use or sell special solutions designed for your specific appliance. Maybe so, but does this mean then that the guys with the lawn mowing business have a 'special' lawn mower as well? ;) We use only products that are people, pet and planet friendly and with them we bring our professionalism, reliability and industry experience.